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D Cut Bag

d cut bag:
1.make according to your requirement
2.printing color
3.middle/high grade fast
d cut bag 66
Shopping plastic bag, advertising plastic bag
1) Plastic packing bag Suit to all lines, such as cloth, stationery, toys     and paper packing.
2) Shopping plastic packing bag had been exported to all over the     world.
3) Plastic packing bag passed INTERTEK test, meet with     environmental standard.
2, services:
1) we can produce all products packing bags according to your     requirements.
2) we provide the considerate services from designation, processing,     delivery. Etc.
3) we will make the final quotation if you provide more details to us.
4) we can provide you the packing bag sample making.
3, description:
1) materials: HDPE, LDPE, PPE, PP, EVA, CPE
2) features: shopping bag, advertising gift bag adjust to HDPE or     LDPE to make rubber bags. The rubber bags that made of HDPE     materials are glossiness. The other rubber bags that made of     LDPE materials with the good gloss, and it’s softy. All these     materials had not poisoned and taste. It’s safety.

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